Brain Practice Answers

February 2018


Did you try each several times?

Here are the answers to Brain Practice, February 2018


Unfold the Dice

The answer is Option B. Did you need to make a paper model to get this one?

Unique Characteristic of those three words?

They each have three consecutive letters of the alphabet.

cou ghi ing,  thi rst y,  def iant

Word Puzzles

Answers to puzzles
1. Too funny for words
2. Tip of the iceberg
3. You win some, you lose some
4. Domino
5. West Indies
6. One if by land, two if by sea
7. Day in, day out
8. An afterthought
9. What’s black and white and red all over?
10. Robin Hood
11. Life after death
12. Sitting on top of the world
13. A cut above the rest
14. Ten pounds overweight
15. Crossfire
16. Cryin’ Shame
17. Who’s in charge?
18. Tuna Fish
19. Hole in one
20. Long Underwear
21. No U turn
22. A pair of pants
23. Go for it
24. Someone’s following me
25. Toucans
26. Count on us
27. Skate on thin ice
28. Men out of work
29. Bigfoot
30. Middle C
31. Go up in smoke
32. Take a step backwards
33. Ambiguous (am BIG-U ous)
34. H2O (h two o)
35. Beaten Black and Blue
36. Tuesday
37. Singing in the Rain
38. Broken Promise
39. Head over heels in love
40. Half Hearted






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