Brain Practice Answers

October 2020


Keep up those challenges every day!

Here are the answers to the October 2020 Brain Practice


Polar Bear Puzzle (and Seal and Penguin!)

7 +7 = 14 14 – 3 = 11 4 + 10 = 14 11 + 7 – 4 = 14
? = 14


Solve the Crate Puzzle

Steps to the Answer:

Pick a fruit from the crate marked Apples and Oranges.

If that fruit is an apple, you know that the crate should be labeled Apples because all of the labels are incorrect as they are.

Therefore, you know the crate marked Apples must be Oranges (if it were labeled Apples and Oranges, the Oranges crate would be labeled correctly, and we know it isn’t),

And the one marked Oranges must be Apples and Oranges.

Alternately, if you picked an orange from the crate marked Apples and Oranges, you know that crate should be marked Oranges, the one marked Oranges must be Apples, and the one marked Apples must be Apples and Oranges.

Missing Letters








Balance Benders










The Court Puzzle









Can you work these out?

1) A man is in his car. He sees three doors. A yellow one, a blue one and a red one.

Which door does he go through first?  The car door.

2) Your parents have six daughters including you and each daughter has one brother.

How many people are in the family? Nine. Two parents, six daughters and one son. 

3)  I act like a cat, I look like a cat, Yet I am not a cat. What am I? A kitten
4)  Ten men’s strength, ten men’s length, ten men can’t break it –  yet a young boy walks off with it. What am I? A rope


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