Did you try each puzzle several times?

Here are the answers to Brain Practice, September, 2020


Observation Challenge

How many did you get? All different answers welcome!

Circles – 6

Squares – 5 (+4 that are really oblong?)

Triangles – 10





Tractor, Digger and Ride-on puzzle

Tractor = 10

Digger = 14

Ride-on = 2

10 + 14 x 2 = 38 (remember Bodmas?) Multiplication before addition …..


 ‘The digger at the bottom has only 1 bucket (not two buckets each as in the equation above it) which indicates to me that it is only worth half of the value of the double bucket diggers (ie 7 as opposed to 14 ).  Therefore, I calculate the answer to be  10 + (7 x 2) = 24’

Did you get caught, too? 


5-letter challenge


BATON, HATCH (there may well be other answers! Did you have one?)






Non-verbal reasoning

Answer: 2

Looking at each row, the background color of each box is different and must be either yellow, white or light blue.
Each box in a row contains a shape that is either in the top left corner or the bottom right corner or two shapes, one in the top left corner and one in the bottom right corner.
The color of the shape(s) in the boxes are different and are either light blue, yellow or white.
Looking at row 3, background colors of white and light blue have already been used, so the answer must have a yellow background.
Also in row 3, a yellow shape is in the top left corner and a white shape is in the bottom right corner, so the answer must contain two light blue shapes, one in the top left corner and one in the bottom right corner.
The only answer that has a yellow background and two light blue shapes is answer (2).


What’s the word for these?

When you combine a question mark with an exclamation mark?  interrobang
The space between your nostrils?  columella nasi
The armhole in clothes where the sleeve is sewn?  armscye
The condition where one has difficulty getting out of bed in the morning?   dysania
Illegible handwriting?   griffonage
What the dot over an ‘i’ or ‘j’ is called?   tittle
The metallic device used to measure your feet in the shoe store?   Bannock device
How many did you know??

What’s wrong with this picture?

1. Backwards Clock
2. Night and Day
3. Carrots don’t grow like that
4. There is no room for an actual sink
5. There is food and books under the sink
6. Slipper and boot on the “boy”
7. one rolled up pants leg
8. Missing wheel on chair
9. Fridge being used as a broom closet
10. Keyhole lock on fridge
11. Cupboard has handle on inside
12. Curtains are on the outside of the window
13. Lady’s rolled up a sleeve while the other is a short cuff
14. Rug pattern isn’t mirrored
15. Polishing a rug?
16. How is the polishing machine being powered?
17. June has only 30 days in it, not 31
Did you find any more?









Can you work these out?

1. What is next in this sequence? JFMAMJJASON .
The letter “D.” The sequence contains the first letter of each month. first letter of Months of year
2. How many 9’s between 1 and 100?  20
3. I am lighter than air but a hundred people cannot lift me. Careful, I am fragile. What am I? A bubble
4. What’s easy to get into and hard to get out of? Trouble

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