Congratulations! You’re about to take the first steps in improving your memory.


To play this game, click on the large picture above and you will see the word ‘Construct3‘ appear on the screen. Wait a few seconds until the game loads and then you are set to go!

While playing Cross the Bridge you give your short term memory and concentration a workout.

What is your brain doing?

See how many brain areas are working hard when you are playing ‘Cross the Bridge’.

Brain Activity Short Term Memory



Short-term Memory

As the colour sequences get longer, the capacity of your short-term memory stretches.

Look out for the tips in the game, too.

They will help you find ways to rehearse the sequences into your long-term memory.
e.g. Repeating the order of the blocks rapidly will help you progress to the next levels.

Everyday Applications:

Have you ever heard the name of a book, or a telephone number that you are sure you will remember, only to have it vanish into thin air?


This happens for two reasons:

1. Not enough focus on the incoming information

2. Not enough rehearsal (perhaps by repetition) to lodge it firmly into your long-term memory

Information like names, phone numbers or sequences of colours stays in the short-term memory for only 20 to 30 seconds.  Unless you concentrate or focus on what you need to recall later, it will simply drop out of your memory altogether. 

Short-term memory is vitally important because it is the ‘gateway’ through which everything you want to remember passes. The longer you can train yourself to hold information in this part of your memory, the more chance you will have of remembering it later.  

Quick note: Short-term memory covers everything that is in your memory right now as you read this. (It is a common myth that short-term memory has failed when you can’t remember what happened yesterday, or an hour ago).

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How to Improve Your Short-Term Memory

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