Memory and You – What Do You Know?


eBook, 48 pages

Your Memory is Your Life.
Did you know about these?
A quick guide to your memory.

Memory and You – What Do You Know? will help you understand your memory.
New research is going on all the time.
Are there some of these you can work on today?

Everything you try keeps your brain connections growing.

“I feel as if a switch has been turned on in my brain! Thank you so much.” J. Turner

You’ll get:

  • 48 pages packed with key facts about Memory
  • Illustrated short takeaways
  • 30 ways to understand your memory
  • The perfect way to share your knowledge with others

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We are celebrating 16 years of helping people like you develop memory confidence and knowledge.

Here is our celebration eBook. You’ll love the way it looks!

“Memory and You – What Do You Know gives you a handy, colourful overview of the latest facts about your memory that you can share with family and friends. Knowledge like this helps prevent memory let-downs. And helps revive your self-belief in your memory.

“Memory and You – What Do You Know?” will remind you of ways to trust your memory.

Whether you’re new to our eBooks or looking for reminders, working through ‘Memory and You – What Do You Know?’ will be growing new brain connections.

Knowing all of this about memory – what memory is, how it works, and what it can do for you and others – makes you an up-to-date, informed ‘memory-star’ and that is what Gillian Eadie and the Brainfit Team want for you.

Since 2007 Dr Allison Lamont and Gillian Eadie have been creating successful books and memory training courses to keep the 40+ age group brain fit and confident. They quickly developed an online and face-to-face community and have now helped thousands of people in 40 countries to look after their memory skills. Gillian has carried on this important work – we all want to live independently for as long as possible. “Memory and You – What Do You Know?” is a further step in the secrets of a world of independence – a world where the over-40’s (and much older also) can count on their brain and memory skills to protect life as they know it for decades to come.

This eBook is a sequel to the earlier ‘Memory – a Short Guide’ – and it describes in pictures and short text the latest findings about your memory.

Knowing these 30 Memory features helps your memory be all it can be.

‘Memory and You. What Do You Know?’ is the way you know how effective your memory can be.
Now the question is this—are you going to put this off until some other time?
Or are you ready to grow your knowledge about memory and help others protect their memory and independence?

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