Brain Food: Food for Thought E-Book



32 pages

‘The best little book on brain food I could find’
Doris K. of California.

Do you know what’s good for your youthful brain – and what isn’t?

In Brain Food, Food for Thought here are just a few of the things you will find out:

  • Why water is so good for you
  • What is The 8 Step Brain Eating Plan?
  • A checklist of vitamins you need
  • The mystery of High GI and Low GI
  • The supplement story – what you should be taking
  • Good fats and Bad fats
  • Brain boosting recipes and a shopping list!

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Edition 3, Also available on Amazon Kindle



 ‘The best little book on brain food I could find’

Doris K. of California.


Brain Food, Food for Thought: Eat your way to brain health. Edition 2

Authors: Dr Lamont & Gillian Eadie

How much is eating to regrow your brain worth to you?
Do you feel as if you are eating all the wrong things?
And that there must be a healthier way to live?
Poor nutrition is spoiling the life you COULD be living, right now.
Imagine if someone write the shopping list for you.
If someone would just point the way and get you started on a whole new way of eating (and living)?
Wouldn’t life be so much easier?

This eBook will make a huge difference to the way your youthful brain regrows.

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