Play Wild West Hunt

We hope you’ll enjoy your time in the Wild West!

[If this is the first time you have played Wild West Hunt, you will see a screen with the words Construct3. Wait a few seconds until the game loads then Wild West Hunt will appear. Have fun!]

Well done! You are taking important steps in improving your memory.

In Wild West Hunt you used two important memory skills: face recognition and nonverbal memory.

Face recognition is one of the memory skills that stays with you the longest.

What was your brain doing?

Check out the brain areas that were busy during ‘Wild West Hunt’

Brain Activity Recognising Faces




Face Recognition

You strengthened your ability to notice details of each of the faces.
This allowed you to distinguish one from another.




Nonverbal Memory

Your nonverbal memory was working hard too, as it assisted you to hold the image of the ‘target’ face in your short-term memory while you decided which of the other faces exactly matched the one on the run from the law.

Brain Activity With Non Verbal Memory

Everday Applications


Have you had an embarrassing moment when you are sure you have not seen a person before, only to have them say they met you quite recently?

These awkward situations can be banished forever as you sharpen your face recognition skills. Recognizing others (and knowing their names) is a social and memory skill that allows you to enjoy the company of family and friends.

When meeting new people, it is important to notice details of the facial features of the newly-met person and to store this information in your memory. When you meet the person again, your memory will compare its filed-away image with the face of person standing before you and you will know you have met this person before. The more you practice noticing details and not just glancing at a face, the more confidence you will have in face recognition.


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