The Memory.Foundation (that’s us!) in partnership with The University of Auckland have developed games just for you!

WHY?four games

To exercise six key memory skills.
(The ones everyone over 50 needs to have strong and agile.)

The games are fun to play
and will strengthen your:

  • Short-term Memory
  • Working Memory
  • Verbal Memory
  • Nonverbal Memory
  • Face Recognition
  • Prospective Memory.

These memory skills are important.

They support independence and confidence
You’ll FEEL your brain working.

Find the games here.
(You may need to log in to the website – it’s free!)


Will playing these games work for me?

Memory researchers say YES.

For SOME games. (Like these ones.)

Adam Gazzaley, Professor of Neurology, Physiology and Psychiatry, followed 180 older adults’ progress over time playing a specific video game. Not only did the participants improve on the game, but there was the all-important ‘transfer’ of skills to everyday life.

Video games prompt older brains to perform like brains decades younger.
They are like a ‘green prescription’!

The ACTIVE study of 3,000 older adults found that older people who played brain-enhancing video games still showed the benefits 10 years later.

Have fun trying the four Memory Foundation video games developed especially for ages 50+

Have fun with the games
And you will improve with practice!

These links show you how how your memory is being trained.