About ‘Don’t Lose Your Memory!’

For Busy Executives

Lamont & Eadie (Business version)

Busy executives have many competing demands on their cognitive abilities. Mid-career, occasional memory lapses can be worrying and detrimental to the professional image needed in business.

In this edition you’ll find:

  • accessible language
  • easy strategies
  • techniques that can be mastered in two-minutes
  • the tools to transform your memory performance


‘Don’t Lose Your Memory!’ based on the research findings of Dr. Allison Lamont, is designed to provide techniques for maintaining optimum productivity well into older age.

Advances in knowledge of neuroplasticity reveal that new brain connections can be developed at any age. This reassuring news makes the few minutes a day of self-investment imperative for mature executives.

This exciting new handbook will show how.

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NO-ONE enjoys forgetting names, meetings or where you have put your keys.

Now you don’t have to accept forgetting as a way of life

Just because you have hit the magic age of 50 or 60 (or 70).

Memory changes happen to all of us.


Don’t Lose Your Memory! for Busy Executives shares with you strategies to compensate for those changes.

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