Dr Jian Guan and Jim Grierson of Vitality®New Zealand are sharing some exciting news with our community prior to their public launch in February this year.

The extensive research results from scientists and clinical doctors in New Zealand Universities, demonstrate that a key brain nutrient in New Zealand blackcurrants [cyclic Glycine-Proline (cGP)] is beneficial in regulating and maintaining the normal function of hormones that would usually decline with ageing. This discovery has major significance for the ageing body and mind, particularly in relation to cognitive function.

blackcurrant-1New Zealand Blackcurrants naturally contain a high level of this nutrient.

During our lifetime, our bodies produce the key nutrient naturally. As we get older, however, the function of this key nutrient can become insufficient. People diagnosed with cognitive impairment, hypertension and strokes all show deficits of this key nutrient.

Research results

Pre-clinical research suggests that giving additional key nutrient can improve cognitive function, reduce blood pressure and improve stroke recovery. Clinical research into Parkinson diseases also shows that the supplementation of New Zealand Blackcurrants can increase the key nutrient in the blood and brain.

Further research

More than 60 Brain Tuners are also contributing the on-going research by taking part in a 45-day trial of Vitality® New Zealand’s Brain Shield™, the natural plant-based solution made from New Zealand blackcurrants and other specially-formulated nutrients that deliver the daily dose required to maintain an optimum level of the key nutrient in the body as we age.

We will let you know more when the public announcement is made.