Pythagoras, a Greek philosopher, looked after his brain and memory. 

Every night before bed, he reviewed his entire day before he fell asleep. 

That’s right – his entire day!

Not just the important ‘need-to-know’ memories.

He mentally recalled everything he did and learned from the second he got out of bed to the instant he crawled back in… everything. (Source: Andy Snyder, Manward Digest)

This activity trained his mind to pay attention – the first important step in processing information for storage in the long-term memory. 

You can do this, too. 

In bed each night,  do your very best to recall the day’s events – from start to finish. Focus on as much detail as possible. Work to recall numbers, colours, your thoughts… everything. 

Do it in the order it happened. Don’t allow yourself to skip parts of the day. 

To begin with, you’ll recall just some of the day’s events.
But in just a few weeks, you’ll be recalling many details of your day. 

Two more benefits of this strategy:


  1. You’ll  find yourself doing things throughout the day to help boost your memory. You’ll become more aware of your day and you’ll stay more ‘in the moment’.
  2. By focusing on the events of the day, your brain slowly relaxes and your thoughts will lead to sleep. 

Try it tonight!

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