Have you talked with a robot lately?IRobi-with-games

That’s just what seniors in Gore, New Zealand are doing. And they are playing Memory games on their iRobi’s, too.

These amazing little desktop robots help seniors remember to take their medication, check blood pressure and heartbeats as well as doing their daily brain training. The neuro-games have been developed by Memory Foundation in partnership with The University of Auckland, based on the research of Dr. Allison Lamont. Each ‘game’ exercises one or more of the six essential skills.

Charu Wadhwa and Pauline Santos have worked closely with Gillian and Allison to provide engaging activities for verbal, short-term, and prospective memory as well a face recognition. These are all skills that need strengthening after the age of 50+.

The iRobi Healthbots have occasioned a lot of interest. They offer a delightful kind of companionship as well as collecting valuable data which is then relayed to the appropriate health professional.

Watch this news item to see the Prime Minister, Hon. John Key, speaking about the joint programme with South Korea.