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Gillian M. EadieMarch 12 – 17 is Brain Week.
All over the world, people like you are thinking about the way their brain works and what can be done to guard against memory loss. You’ve already taken important steps in this direction and below we bring you more quick reminders. You’ll find exercise tips, a video about what Alzheimer’s does to the brain, how brain injury affects memory …. and so much more!

9 Best exercise tips for baby-boomers
Here are some insider tips from personal trainers, coaches and exercise physiologists in the USA.
The pay-off is that physical exercise sharpens your memory by increasing the flow of blood and oxygen to your brain.
Read the full article from AARP

New article:
Dr. Allison Lamont, PhD, MA(Hons), MAPS, MNZPsSHelen asks: Tell me how I can prevent Alzheimer’s.
Helen was exhausted. Not only from caring for her father with AD but also from worry about whether she might get the disease herself. Share Helen’s list with your friends.
Read Dr. Lamont’s advice to Helen.

How Alzheimer’s spreads throughout the brain
There are many technical articles written about Alzheimer’s, but this short video is one of the best we have found that explains very simply what happens when the disease occurs. It shows what happens to the different parts of memory.
Watch the video

How do brain Injuries affect memory?
This is a frequently asked question. Here is the link to an excellent Brain Map that tells you about the impact brain injury will have on various areas of the brain.
Brain Map

Looking for a useful gift for yourself or a friend?
Brain and Memory Foundation have a number of titles available in hard copy (a book!) or for smartphones, iPad or Kindle
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A simple, five-minute, low-impact exercise routine that will keep all of your muscles active.
We’ve repeated this because it proved to be so popular last time. Most of you will be able to do it without looking at the diagrams by now. It works for all ages, all fitness levels and almost all levels of mobility.
Best-ever 5-minute exercise routine

Dr. Lamont opens her new Memory Clinic in Christchurch.
Would you like to discuss, one-on-one, a memory issue? Do you have a group wanting to hear more about ways to improve memory?
Contact Dr Lamont by visiting https://memoryclinic.co.nz or through email below.

Read about Gillian Eadie and Allison Lamont in Unlimited Magazine:
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Precious Memories

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