It has made such a difference to my life and how I feel about my memory.

Dear Gillian

I have been meaning to contact you to thank you so much for that Brain Tune memory course.

I really can’t thank you enough. I am so impressed with the generosity of your organization. You treated me like someone who had paid huge sums of money for that little free course, in your speedy response to emails etc. Needless to say I have recommended it to many people including my sister who bought your e-book for her kindle.

It has made such a difference to my life and how I feel about my memory. Instead of living with a vague but ever present fear that I was losing it and might end up with dementia, I am confident about my memory and find I can use the skills you suggested be sharpened. Once I had learnt the 14 side roads and 6 streets in the 12 Km stretch from the centre of town home, I was so very excited. Decided I could learn and remember anything I chose, so when I joined a singing group a couple of weeks ago I came home and could tell my husband the names of the 4 men and 8 women there that day. When I went back last Thursday after 2 weeks and there was one face I could not put a name to. A slight disappointment but I really felt pretty good about it having always been “hopeless at remembering names”! So far I have learnt the words by heart of 4 of the 8 songs we are singing in the group. Now I would not have believed I could do that would not have even attempted that before your course. This has been the most exciting discovery in my recent life.

I am careless about observation and so still have not done that exercise of observing 3 people a day for 4 days etc. Of course I don’t go out and see people every day but still I will get around to doing that.

Because I am left handed I can do many things with my right so some of the exercises don’t have any challenge, so I have to add a twist, e.g. if I want to say I am placing something somewhere with my right hand… I’ll add something silly like doing it with my back turned to the place and of course say that out aloud too! Moving the mouse makes no difference (except I need to clear a new space for it). But I moved it to the R hand a couple of years ago and it did irritate me for a short time.

I’ve got my mental pictures for numbers so I can memorise phone numbers but I’m a bit slow at this stage.

I want to comment on the lovely creativity of the presentation of your course and webpage as well. It’s as if you have given much thought to detail.  I love getting those brain exercise worksheets and whizzing through them, but some things catch me. Like I have not figured how there can be one egg left if everyone takes one. I’ll have to give it thought and not give up on it.

I really was impressed by the personal attention you gave me. A Benedictine monk who teaches meditation equates attention with love; “When you are giving full attention to someone or something you are giving your love.” It rings true to me, so thank you again.

 Yes I am still practicing, that fear will not be part of my life again.


With love,

Raewyn Blair

p.s. Thanks again, and I hope your trials go well and that your wonderful work is recognized world wide.