So you thought you’d left crawling behind long along?

Think again!

Crawling recruits more muscles and facilitates greater brain function than you probably realise.

It works on contralateral movements (opposite sides) and forms the foundation for our walking and running patterns.

How To Do the Crawl
Here’s a simple crawling exercise to try:

Take your shoes off and get on all fours to adopt a ‘table top’ position.

Tuck your toes under so they are pointing towards your knees.

Crawl forward moving one knee and the opposite hand at the same time i.e. contra-laterally.

Go forward for 4 steps (depending on the room you have) and then go backwards.

To make it more challenging, turn your head slowly from side to side with every step.

Rest and repeat.

2 Lifestyle Tips to de-clutter your mind: 

1. “A place for everything and everything in its place”
Organizing your physical environment lessens the burden on your brain especially for those commonly misplaced items such as glasses, keys and smartphones.
Allocate specific places that you always return these items to in the house, the car or your handbag.

2. Write it down.
When you write down what you are desperately trying to remember you take the stress off yourself in seconds. Use post it notes, white board pen on mirrors (in the bathroom is good) or a notebook or diary. Keep a pad and paper by the bed especially for those pesky night time thoughts.

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