Kris Tynan says YES!

It is very hard to summon up the motivation when pain and fatigue are getting you down. But it is Catch-22 – the less you exercise, the worse your condition can become. Kris Tynan

It is not unusual for people with chronic conditions like arthritis to experience pain most days. And some medications in the treatment of heart conditions, high cholesterol, Parkinson’s and MS can also contribute to muscle fatigue and a general lack of energy.

But, here’s the thing:

 “If you don’t move, you won’t move”.

To put a more positive spin on it “EXERCISE OPTIMISES HEALTH” regardless of the state of health you are in.
So what can you do?


Your attitude is the key!

Yes, you may be living with a chronic condition.
Yes, you may feel tired and unwell.


If you then say:  ‘This is my lot and there is nothing to be done about it’
You are cheating yourself out of a chance to feel much better.

Thoughts like that are negative and self-defeating.


You have the power change that!

Managing pain in the best way you can is YOUR responsibility.

And this includes exercise.

The evidence is overwhelming that exercise helps in all cases of chronic conditions.

Banish those negative thoughts!

Get up and get active!

Three helpful tips to inspire you:

  1. Plan your exercise around the time you feel your best, this will probably involve syncing with your medication.
  2. Exercise with others. We will let ourselves down more often than others! Commit to a class or meeting a friend and you are more likely to stick to the planned session.
  3. If you feel like giving up just ask yourself ‘Can I tolerate this a little bit longer?’
    (Unless it is not a new pain try to do a bit more.)

Every bit of exercise you do is like money in a deposit account – you have to give up a little (expend energy) to see it grow (improve).

It is never too early to start and never too late to begin.

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