Need practice remembering names?

  ‘I never remember names!’ (from audience members – over and over!)

Remembering faces and names is a social skill much admired.
It’s easy to think that people are ‘born with a good memory – and I wasn’t!’

You CAN recall faces and names.

If you:

  • believe you can
  • pay close attention
  • listen carefully
  • give your brain memory traces (with repetition, association, visualising ….)
  • practice!

Here’s a chance to practise now.

This 2  minute video asks you to remember the faces, names and where each cat lives.

See how much you can improve with practice. (No-one has reached Level 5 yet!)

p.s. On the video, you will see us referred to as the Brain and Memory Foundation – that was our full name until we were able to shorten it to Memory Foundation (and Brainfit® for Life). It is still us!


Memory-Tune-premium-memory-trainingThe Memory Tune course, written by Dr Allison Lamont and Gillian Eadie, takes you through, step-by-step, many other kinds of brain skills that will sharpen your cognition, recall and memory skills. Thousands of people have now used this tried and tested course. It comes to you over seven weeks and is accompanied by a print version, also.

$169.00 for the full course and book.

“Thank you both so much for this course which has given me the confidence and the tools to deal with my memory problems. I now enjoy puzzles, crosswords and memory tests.. I used to avoid them like the plague. Meeting people and remembering their names is now a pleasant experience rather than a nightmare! You have shone a light at the end of what was fast becoming a very dark tunnel. Thank you.” Maria G.

Will you share your experiences with this names and faces test? Your story will be helpful for others ….