The week before Christmas I met up with friends for a Christmas lunch. lunch-together
People mingling in a vibrant and celebratory atmosphere, cars stacked into every available car park.

During the course of lunch one of my friends  had a medical event.

An ambulance was called and eventually arrived.
As we were waiting for our friend to be assessed one of the paramedics took us aside to help him with some details.

He asked us would we know  the patient’s telephone number.

My friends immediately dived into their bags to retrieve their phones.

As they did so, I said I could recall the number and offered it to the paramedic.
Did we know her husband’s phone number?

Yes, I was also able to recall that. too.

Did we know her home street address?

(They had recently moved)

I knew the street name not the number so my friends, with a swipe to their phones, they retrieved the street number.

Then it was decided that our friend needed to be assessed at hospital so we were given the keys to her car.

“How on earth are we able to find that car in that carpark today,” moaned one friend.
“All I know is that it is light grey and runs on four wheels”.

I laughed at this, saying my description wasn’t far behind.  But self consciously  I went on to tell them I knew the number plate.

They stared at me as though I was a stranger from another planet.

“Off by heart?” inquired one.

“Yes, off by heart.”  I said. “ And if you ever need to know your number plates, please get in touch!”

We all erupted with laughter as we turned towards the car park, soon enough locating the car.

Happily everything turned out alright.  Our friend was discharged from hospital that evening and her car was driven to her home.

Focus Connect and Rehearse has been my mantra for a long time.
I quietly just get on with it daily.

But the moon and stars did align that day.  For just as quietly for me, my brain was making something of my efforts and creating new connections.

So thanks Brainfit for Life and congratulations on a 15th year celebration 🎉
Thank you Gillian and Dr Allison Lamont for your groundbreaking work that propels me forward every day in many ways.