A gentle stretch for perfect posture

It’s easy to get lazy with our posture.Posture-male

Sitting and driving too much creates a C shape of the spine.
Which makes us look OLD!

Anatomically, the most desirable shape is that of an ‘S’.

Over time, the ‘C’ shape will cause not only pain but rounded shoulders and a forward posture.
You look older and less confident.

Do this easy stretch on a regular basis and knock 10 years off your age!

And the BONUS is:

You will reduce the chance of getting back-related issues.

The stretch.shoulder-blades

Place the back of your hands on the base of your spine.

Think about creating space between your ear lobes and shoulders – imagine you have long dangly earrings on.
Also imagine you have a big smile across your chest!

In this ‘perfect posture’ position, be aware of the ebb and flow of your breath and gently squeeze your shoulder blades together as if you are holding  a tennis ball there.

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