Santa Brain Test

Can you control what your brain ‘sees’?

Find out with this two-minute video:

Did you almost FEEL your brain working?

It is SO easy to get distracted!

Memory changes happen to all of us around the age of 50. It gets harder to focus on what’s important while discarding other distractions that appear at the same time.

Concentration is the key.

This test is a bit kind to you because you are given more than a second to identify the image and say its name.

In real life you don’t get that much time. Your brain has to constantly check, sort through what you are seeing, decide what is important and discard anything irrelevant.

Think about driving a car – your brain is working at top speed all the time, processing information about other cars, cyclists, road signs, street markers, sirens, road rules, conversations around you and maybe the radio!

When your brain gets tired, you start glossing over things.
You lose focus and start forgetting.

That’s why practice like Santa Brain Test is important in keeping your brain and memory in shape.

Santa’s Brain Test is a challenge because your brain had several tasks to carry out.

  1. To suppress the words you could see and read
  2. At the same time, your brain needed to connect up the information in the image – colour, shape, size, location, purpose
  3. Remember the name
  4. Then form the sounds needed to say the word.

All in just over a second!


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