My journey started last century, when as a young lad in my 20’s and flatting, I made my first Muesli.

Sugar-free and happy!

Grandpa Collin’s Story

The interest in good food gained momentum in the 1970s when my wife and I started experimenting with diet to see what effect it had on running marathons.
The quest for a greater understanding continued this century.
I had all but convinced my father to make changes to the food he was eating. Tragically the medical profession talked him out of changing and subsequently they killed him with one of the new drugs.

Hardly surprising then, when my 90 year-old Mum asked me to be her health advocate, I stepped into that role. 

The health professionals were not happy …..

 My work in aviation taught me not to accept a single word or one bit of information without making sure all the bits of the mosaic dovetailed, so it was hardly surprising that I immediately ran into conflicts in terms of drugs and the medicos system of ‘check box prescribing.’
A different view from that of a doctor, plus a duo of glaring discrepancies forced my sister and I to get Mother out of North Shore Hospital into a private unit where we had more input and control over her diet and care.
For the second time we worked at upping Mother’s nutrition and weaning her off the drug load.


And the results?

Both times her cognitive function improved.
For a number of months, she was clearly more aware than those around her (those still with the standard drug load and attendant side effects). 
Subsequently I decided that I should use myself as a ‘test bed’ for my theories and see what effect, if any, would occur.

My two big changes in eating:


  1. Out with ALL sugar and
  2. Really ramp up the daily intake of quality Saturated Fat.


Fortunately, when I started the process in May 2012, I had a blood test to establish a ‘bench mark’ .
This in turn was followed by a number of other tests so I had results to compare.


And what happened?

All my blood work improved.



The big surprise came with the 3 extra positive outcomes:

  1.  At 6ft 3 and 92kgs I did not consider myself overweight but I lost just under 3kgs
  2. My balance improved slowly but noticeably
  3. I am sure my recall improved and senior moments now seem to have disappeared entirely.
 All anecdotal for sure, but I am happy nonetheless!
Sugar-free and happy!Grandpa Collin
Hawkes Bay


Did you know there are over 60 different names for sugar??

See the full list.

1. Anhydrous dextrose  2. Agave  3. Agave nectar  4. Beet sugar  5. Brown sugar (light and dark brown)  6. Cane juice  7. Cane juice solids  8. Cane sugar  9. Cane syrup  10. Carob syrup  11. Caster sugar  12. Coconut sugar  13. Confectioners’ sugar  14. Corn syrup  15. Corn syrup solids  16. Crystalline fructose  17. Date sugar  18. Demerara sugar  19. Dextran  20. Dextrose  21. Dehydrated cane juice  22. Evaporated cane juice  23. Evaporated cane syrup  24. Evaporated sugar cane  25. Fructose  26. Fructose crystals  27. Fruit juice crystals  28. Fruit juice concentrate  29. Glazing sugar  30. Glucose  31. Glucose syrup  32. Golden sugar  33. Golden syrup  34. Granulated sugar  35. High-fructose corn syrup (HFCS)  36. Honey  37. Icing sugar  38. Invert sugar  39. Invert syrup  40. King’s syrup  41. Lactose  42. Maple syrup  43. Maple sugar  44. Maltose  45. Malt sugar  46. Malt syrup  47. Molasses  48. Muscovado  49. Nectar  50. Pancake syrup  51. Panocha  52. Powdered sugar  53. Raw sugar  54. Refiners’ syrup  55. Sorghum  56. Sorghum syrup  57. Sucanat  58. Sucrose  59. Sugar  60. Superfine sugar  61. Table sugar  62. Treacle  63. Turbinado sugar  64. White sugar  65. Yellow sugar