Are you learning something new?
And finding it difficult to concentrate?
You are not alone!
This is a very common issue that drives over-loaded (and aging) brains crazy!


Quick tips to help you focus

  • Keep food on your desk. Glucose helps your brain focus.
  • Turn off the phone. Most phone calls are not urgent.
  • Get a good chair. There is a reason that bosses don’t sit on cheap chairs.
  • Time yourself and see how much you did in 1 hour.
  • Complete ‘must-do’s’ first. Make that call, feed the cat ….
  • Shut off everything that you are not really using.
  • Clear your desk completely.
  • Put on headphones. Classical music or no music is best for focusing.
  • Make a list of To Do’s. Make it short.
  • Reward yourself. If you get focused, be proud of yourself.
  • Frame a picture of your goal. And look at it every morning before work.
  • Bring your pet with you. They help you focus

Developing the skill of concentration will improve your memory.
This happens because you are encoding information more effectively and creating stronger memory traces.

Find more concentration tips on this 2-minute video: Help! I Can’t Concentrate!

Develop the skill of concentration. Memory Tune is your step-by-step guide to how your brain works along with strategies for new brain habits to sharpen your brain and memory performance.
Based on the research of Dr Allison Lamont, PhD.



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