Technology is for us, too. We can do it!


As technology is affecting every aspect of our society now, we all need to learn about technology regardless of our age.  The speed of technology development is getting faster and requires continual learning from everyone.  For older people, this continual technology learning is great to keep our brains active and to enjoy the benefits technology brings.


A good way to learn technology skills is through the guidance from loved ones or our communities.  Digital Seniors is an example of community support to seniors.  As a charity, Digital Seniors provides services to seniors helping them to become confident and enjoy technology.  Seniors can go to their learning hubs for one on one coaching assistance, or their online hubs, or even receive home help to fix a technology problem – all for free.


Since Jacinda Adhern recently opened the charity in the Wairarapa, it has helped almost 2000 seniors and is looking to help more communities.


If you are a senior in another community you can call Digital Seniors if you have a problem with your device, or join their free online hubs to learn new things about technology, play games, and have a laugh.

Call them on 0800 373 646. 

Why should the grandkids have all the fun?