spice-cupboardDid you know that some annoying ailments can be relieved by10 everyday food items?

You might be surprised!

Lynda Earl, Naturopath from Huckleberry says:

Before there was medicine, there was food, and food as medicine is the foundation of many healthy lifestyles.

Try these:

1. Cinnamon – consumed daily supports healthy blood sugar levels and can help balance hormones.

2. Ginger – first port of call for digestive upset, flatulence or tummy pain, as well as assisting with cold and flu symptoms.

3. Thyme – thyme tea makes a great sore throat gargle, or add honey to make ‘sore throat tea’.

4. Cayenne pepper – helps with cold extremities. Pop it in your food, or even straight into your socks (but not if you have broken skin).

5. Prunes – these sweeties unblock the digestive tract and ease constipation.

6. Garlic – increase quantities in your cooking if you are feeling under the weather or make a tea to really get the immune system going.

7. Strong black tea – great for relieving symptoms of diarrhoea (do not add milk).

8. Salt – make a saline solution from 1 part salt (sea, rock or Himalayan) to 10 parts warm water for a sore throat gargle or to reduce the pain of mouth ulcers or gum pain.

9. Unheated quality honey – straight from the spoon can help with coughing fits.

10. Organic sugar – a teaspoon full sucked slowly can resolve hiccups.

And several readers say Turmeric must be included!

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