You CAN improve your
It doesn’t just happen, though.
You need to take action.
To find the strategies that work best for you, try them out.
Some may work for you better than others.


15 Top Memory Tips:

  1. Writing things down
  2. Chunking (e.g. grouping sections of a telephone number)
  3. Acronyms (word or name formed from the initial letters of several words e.g. NATO)
  4. Making up silly sentences
  5. Spacing out your revisions – 5 times over a month.
  6. Testing yourself
  7. Teaching someone else
  8. Repeating things out loud
  9. Asking why
  10. Practising and visualising your information
  11. Telling stories using the new information
  12. Exercising/walking at least 30 minutes a day
  13. Eating well – increase fruit and vegetable intake
  14. Getting enough sleep
  15. Drinking enough water

You will surprise yourself by how well your brain will work for you.

Do you have a top memory tip to share? Do tell us below.