When Children Become Parents.

Alzheimer’s Disease (and memory loss) is the Number One fear of baby boomers. how-to-cope-with-Alzheimer's No-one wants to end up with memory loss and living in care …. but what if it strikes someone in your family?

This is a personal story of Jenny and her family.

You will learn :

  • What are the worrying signs?
  • How did we know this was Alzheimer’s?
  • Practical things like which clothes are best
  • Tips for communicating and helping her to remember
  • How to cope with difficult behavior
  • How to keep her amused and engaged all day

This is another  eBook that you will be a godsend if you are already coping with Alzheimer’s – and you will want to get a copy for your friends, also.
When Children Become Parents gives you an insight into this distressing condition –

And you will know what to do!

Hundreds of thousands of people worldwide are coping with Alzheimer’s – be the one who knows the facts and can help those around you. Stop worrying and take action.

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