Here’s the best news for Brain Tuners!

US Study finds Brain Training linked to decreased risk of Alzheimer’s.

Have you ever worried, like me, that someday you might suffer from Alzheimer’s?

A few years ago, my sister Allison and I nursed our lovely mother, Jeanie, through the final stages of of this form of dementia. Sadly it’s an experience that more and more of our age group are going through.

You probably know of someone yourself who has Alzheimer’s.

It’s scary to watch because the person you knew so well gradually drifts away from you as memory loss takes over.
No-one really knows what causes it.
No-one has yet discovered a cure for it.
And thousands more are being diagnosed with it every day.

That’s why this new research is such good news for healthy over-40’s.

It’s a huge, 800 page study prepared for an NIH State-of-the-Science Conference “Preventing Alzheimer’s Disease and Cognitive Decline”,  and its findings are music to the ears of everyone who wants to keep a sharp, alert brain for the rest of their life.

And who doesn’t!

Scientists, as you know, are very cautious about making promises but this is what they said:

“Of all the factors reviewed, including diet and dietary supplements, physical exercise, social engagement, and other leisure activities, only cognitive training was found to have a high level of evidence for being associated with a decreased risk of cognitive decline.”

This is fantastic news for all of us!

What the scientists are saying is this:

Although eating brain food, physical fitness and social activity are all really important, ‘only cognitive training was said to have a “high degree of evidence” in this report’. (‘Cognitive’ means brain and memory activities).

This new knowledge is of critical importance.

It means you don’t have to accept memory loss as a consequence of getting older.

You can do something about it!

Right now, you are confidently expecting to live a full and positive life, with plenty of time to enjoy the leisure activities you’ve promised yourself and your family during your busy earning years.
You’re entitled to those years – but more and more of us are being robbed of them through memory loss and Alzheimer’s.

But you can do something about that. Take action today.

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