“The Brainfit for Life course was a turning point in my life.”

[Eight years ago, after Bev joined a class in Pukehohe, she wrote the following.] 


“15 years ago I had a minor stroke from which I recovered apart from my memory.


bev-bonnarWhen I heard of the “Brainfit for Life” course I joined in.


The first two weeks were a struggle and my head hurt but I could see the benefits.
I was beginning to recall events and could attend business meetings where I understood the train of conversation.


The big break through for me was the use of my non dominant hand
A light switch went on   My head felt different – Yahoo!


My immediate family are encouraging me to have input into our Kiwifruit business meetings and wait for me to contribute. I am still to master the face recognition but have come a long way in healing my neurons.
I visit “Brainfit” web site regularly and have fun playing the games


I am also using the book “7 Day Brain Boost Plan”


Yes it’s an ongoing journey and like most happenings one gets out what one puts in
I recommend following any or all of the above mentioned on your own journey seeking solutions.”


2023 update – Bev. Shares her Brain-boosting Tips

“The Brainfit course was a turning point in my life. I no longer saw me as a victim  Even if the GP tells me 9 out of 10 people have a stroke again   I sit there and calmly state I am the 1 out of 10 that it will not happen to again.
Must admit short term memory is a challenge but have learnt writing things down helps.

Have learnt to say to people – ‘um had a slight stroke and can you tell me who you are?’

Each day I do some sort of brain gym from the following…


  • Jigsaws – both wasgij and ordinary   Each appears to utilize different brain cells
  • I have adult dot to dot books – started with children’s
  • Colouring books – not too detailed  Sometimes choosing a colour got a bit much but found an adult colour by number which I use when it’s all a bit much
  • During lockdown I decided to master Sudoku  Am still on the easy ones and don’t always get finished but a good challenge
  • Other puzzles – find a word, crosswords, code cracker, from each day in the NZ Herald
  • Haven’t quite managed the maze that appears on Thursdays but just about there
  • Drawing and using my non dominate hand – Mmmmm  You (Gillian during Brainfit for Life) introduced this in class   Good to try but haven’t mastered it yet
  • I do have days when I know I need to rest up and indulge myself
  • I regularly have acupuncture which keeps my physical body in shape.   Tai Chi also helps especially with balance
  • When I get frustrated, gardening is good


I do the paper work now for our Kiwifruit farm – it’s becoming more each year as new requirements are put in place. It’s a challenge some days but thanks to you and “Brainfit” I am able to keep a positive outlook and keep moving forward.


Bev B.


Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us, Bev. You are an inspiration for all of us. [Gillian Eadie]

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