• Are you ready for some fascinating study?
  • interested in how the brain works and how memory happens?
  • Would this knowledge enhance your skills in teaching, coaching or instructing?
  • Would you like to become an Accredited Brainfit® Coach?


What do the Brainfit® courses cover? 

Whether you are interested in studying more about the brain and memory for your own interest or whether the study would be part of the preparation needed for becoming a Brainfit® coach, do consider the training offered by Brainfit®.

Training to become a Brainfit® Coach comprises three to four sections, depending on what you want to do with your new-found knowledge. Sections 1 and 2 can be studied independently:

  1. Memory and the Six Key Skills (6 Modules)
  2. The Brain and How it Works (5 Modules)
  3. The Business of Brainfit® coaching (10 Modules)
  4. Assessment of your Brainfit® coaching presentation during the in-person training day or via video-conference. (Aspiring Brainfit® Coaches only.)

Is there a Fast-Track if I am already trained?


If you are already working as a coach, teacher or other instructing occupation, you may be able to fast-track your training as a Brainfit® Coach by moving from Section 2 to the assessment for accreditation. (And, of course, you may simply be interested in learning more about the brain and memory without becoming a coach in the meantime.)

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