Age-related memory decline is a by-product of the natural ageing process. While ageing is a part of life that we cannot change, we can control HOW we choose to age.

Today, with increased awareness and advances in scientific research, we can make ageing more graceful and focus on an improved quality of life.

This was the vision of Dr. Jian Guan who dedicated 35 years of her life to studying cGP, short for cyclic Glycine-Proline.
cGP is a molecule produced by our bodies that plays a key role in ensuring healthy blood circulation through the regulation of hormone – “Insulin-like Growth Factor 1 (IGF-1)”.

‘Around the age of 45, the body’s production of IGF-1 begins to decline, which leads to changes in the chemistry of the brain and contributes to age-related cognitive decline and increases susceptibility to neurodegeneration. In order to offset these effects, the body’s demand for cGP increases while its ability to produce cGP, decreases.’

Dr. Guan, currently working as the Chief Scientist for The cGP Lab Ltd, has pioneered the discovery of cGP in natural food sources and together with her team of scientists has developed cGPMAXTM, a range of scientifically researched, natural supplements that play a crucial role in maintaining optimal cGP levels for a healthy blood flow.

They regenerate and revitalize blood vessels so that more vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients can be transported to where our bodies need them the most.

“As global life expectancy rates are on the rise, we as a community need to invest in better elderly care and adopt measures for a healthy lifestyle as we age” said Dr. Vishakha Mahajan, Developmental Biologist, working as a Scientist at the cGP Lab Ltd. Protecting our vascular system by keeping our cGP levels up to date, can protect us from age-related decline.

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