This is exciting news for all of us!modifiable-risk-factors-dementia


Is it possible to prevent dementia?
In 30% of cases, YES!
This is the finding of the cohort study carried out by BBHI (Barcelona Brain Health Initiative).


They identified several modifiable risk factors that we can improve for ourselves.
  • physical activity
  • socialization
  • weight and blood pressure control
  • psychological well-being
  • cognitive activity across the lifespan
Embracing these could prevent more than 30% of the diagnosed cases of dementia.
Read more Livingston et al., 2017.
Why wouldn’t you??


Similarly, their findings identified more contributing factors:
All of the above have a positive effect on brain health in ageing and may reduce the incidence of brain diseases.
We can take control of these factors in our own lives! Start today. 7-Day-Brain-Boost-Plan