I’m offering it to you today in hopes that it can help you when everything swirls around in your head or you are facing a transition.3 questions to help you decide


 All you have to do is ask yourself three questions: 
  • What is it too late for?
  • What is it too soon for?
  • What is it just the right time for?
It’s a way of clarifying your thinking because whatever comes to your mind is the answer.
It’s a way of understanding what you already know about timing in your life’s journey. To get your own wise counsel rather than doing what others are telling you.
People have used it to figure out whether they want to keep going with their business — or to shut it down.  To stay in a relationship, start a new career, to move — or not…


Try it next time you think you don’t know what to do.
Because you do know!


[Source: Mary-Jane Ryan, Coralus]

Do you have another decision-making time you are willing to share with us? These are so helpful for others!