‘What has drawing a clock and remembering an address
got to do with actual driving on the road?’driving-test-doctor

This is a question I was asked at a recent 60s-Up presentation.

And it’s a good question!

One of the things I do at my Brainfit® classes is teach people like you about the different types of memory – there’s a lot going on in your brain 24 / 7.
Yes, even while you are asleep!

Let’s see what’s going on when you are driving.

When you are in the car, your brain is working overtime to make sense of everything from road conditions, weather, pedestrians, destination, directions, speed limits, cars in front and behind: you get the idea!  And that’s all at the same time as steering, foot pedals, mirrors, safety, overtaking, judging speed and distance, the things you do without thinking about them.

And there’s a big difference between the automatic process of start, drive, park and stop, and the continual cognitive requirements of looking around you. It can be very tiring mentally, so do allow time for stops and refreshments on longer trips.

Driving the car is the easy bit: you’ve been doing it for umpteen years and sometimes you arrive at a place without any conscious effort – it’s a habit, almost. And that automatic action comes from the cerebellum, the back of your brain where basic actions such as walking, balance, breathing and digestion (yes, that’s going on all the time too!) are practiced until they don’t need any effort.

So what the Doctor is testing you for is a different sort of memory.

First is Working Memory – this is what happens in the moment – it lets you look in the rear-view mirror but keep driving straight ahead. working-memory

Next is Short-Term Memory – speed limits, road positions relative to you, zebra crossings coming up and so on.

Then Long-term Memory tells you where to go – it’s the lived experience of been there, done that.

Combining all three is mental agility – how quickly can you think and respond to a driving situation?

This is why the Doctor asks you to draw a clock – can you remember how? Or remember an address for a few minutes? Or name at least 14 words beginning with F in one minute– that’s mental agility.

It’s all related to your driving skills. So, if the doctor suggests it’s time to hang up the keys because you can’t name a camel, a penguin or an anchor, believe me, he knows best.

If losing your glasses or car keys and forgetting if you’ve closed the garage door are familiar annoyances, you might like to think about signing up for a Brainfit® class. We learn strategies for everyday life, regardless of age.

And we have a lot of laughs while we do it!

Stay warm and take care,

Bobbie-Bryce-accredited-Brainfit-coachBobbie Bryce, Accredited Brainfit® Coach
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Do share your comments about the medical test you take with your Doctor. Or your driving experiences? They are so helpful for others.