We all know how important exercise is for maintaining brain and vascular health.

Dr Jian Guan from the University of Auckland’s Centre for Brain Research, recommends a gentle walk, 20 minutes a day. For most of us, this is easily achievable.

But what if arthritis makes this impossible?

Or another health condition prevents daily walking?

Memory Foundation was excited to find that  the Aircycle has been designed to give anyone Aircycle, easy-to-usechair-bound the chance to keep circulation and oxygen flowing to the brain. Not only that, this compact, inflatable invention (posts in a normal oblong envelope) can be used anywhere to help circulation, your hands, ankles and any other area that needs mobility. No pills, potions – just a bit of puff to inflate it then exercise in any way you choose!

Exercise is SO important.

In a recent U.S. study involving more than 1,700 adults over a six-year period, adults over 65 who exercised for 15 minutes three times a week reduced their risk for dementia by one-third.

“This study adds to growing evidence that moderate exercise is the closest thing we have to a magic wellness bullet for everyone,” said William Thies, vice-president of the Alzheimer’s Association for medical and scientific affairs, in a press release following the report.

“Moderate physical activity has all kinds of benefits and almost no downside.”

Even a little exercise can yield tremendous gains.

At the Memory Foundation we always look out for ways to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to keep brain and memory functions at their peak.
Have YOU tried the Aircycle? Or is there another way you have found to keep yourself moving and exercised? Please take time to share your experience with others.
[Aircycle supports the Memory Foundation and each purchase made helps us to keep our free resources available to everyone.]

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