We’ve put together a collection of what we think are some of the best lifestyle, health, nutrition and brain-friendly related links on the internet.

If you have found a great lifestyle or memory site that you would like to suggest, then please email us at We are also interested in trading links with reputable sites that have similar objectives to ours.

  • Seven Second Memory

    Did you know it takes seven seconds to commit information to your long-term memory?  Find this and other vital resources that are full of strategies for activating the new brain connections that are essential in creating a buffer against memory loss in later life. Dr Allison Lamont, PhD and Gillian Eadie have created, with baby boomers in mind, memory plans that are easy to follow, easy to read and based on everyday lifestyle activities. Look them up!


Excellent lifestyle magazine for ‘Women with Spirit’. Sections cover Healthy, Beauty, the Home, Travel, Relationships, Money and Business, Faith. And you’ll find Brain and Memory Foundation articles there, too. Sign up for Carol Doyel’s newsletter, too


With a mission of ‘encouraging vibrant and healthy living’, this site for the over-50’s includes a wide variety of resources, as well as targeted ads for local groups. Many categories offer useful articles and information and the site is attractively illustrated and set out. It’s easy to read and well worth a visit. Take the poll! is the most complete guide to information about Self Help on the Internet.


The information on this site will help you navigate through difficult discussions and make tough decisions, and to encourage you to plan for challenges you and your aging parents may be facing today, or will likely face in the future


  • eLibrary – Open Ebooks Directory

    An amazing collection of ebooks, catalogued for you to browse and review


  • I Am Sorted

    A highly-recommended workbook that is full of information and checklists to guide you through setting out your wishes for health, funeral and legal matters as well as providing all the vital contacts needed to manage your affairs when you can no longer do this.


  • Bizzy Women

    Developed with the busy professional woman in mind, this site is well-organised and designed in headline style so that time-strapped (aren’t we all?) readers can skim to find the articles they need. You’ll find almost every category of relevance to career women and entrepreneurs, as well as valuable lifestyle information when you need it. A recommended site.


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