How to Concentrate

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Turn that TV down!

I can’t concentrate!

Don’t you HATE it when your mind wanders?

And you forget what you’ve just heard, or read?

It happens to everyone, now and again ….

But you DON’T want it to become a habit.

Watch this two-minute video.

What’s the enemy of concentration?


When your head is so full of sounds, voices and email beeps, it is almost impossible to keep your mind on the task in hand.


But once you’ve mastered the habit of filtering out extraneous distractions, you’ll find yourself in control again.

You’ll find your memory regaining its sharpness and forgetting will be a thing of the past.

Paying attention to irrelevant distractions wastes your precious memory energy.

Here’s a quick, step-by-step summary to help you to eliminate distractions.

It will take you less than two minutes to master it.

The  Two-Minute ‘How to Concentrate’ Solution.

  1. Turn the TV, phone alerts and radio off – the quieter your workspace the better.
  2. If you have tasks you know have to be done, do them first. Make that phone call, feed the cat or send the email. then they won’t keep intruding to use up your memory resources.
  3. Control the urge to multi-task! Flitting from one activity to another without a complete focus on each means you are working inefficiently and your memory power is depleted.
  4. Closing your eyes helps to reduce visual distractions – but choose where you use this strategy!
  5. Giving yourself a ‘mental reminder’ to focus helps in the early stages. The self-discipline to filter out distractions takes time and practice to reinstate.

Sounds simple, doesn’t it?

It is!

It is simple. AND. IT. WORKS.

Let us know when you try this memory strategy. How did it work for you? And how long did it take to master? Leave a comment for us!

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Happy remembering!
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