try-mind-mappingHave you used Mind Maps to help you remember?

If not, try one out today.

A mind map is a visual thinking tool that ANYONE can do

All you need is paper and something to write with. Coloured pencils or pens are great to highlight links or thoughts.

It’s simple.

And it connects ideas and thoughts in the same way the way your brain works.
Because your mind-map uses squiggles, arrows, doodles and your own ideas, the brain is engaged in a much richer way. Information you want to remember is processed into the long-term memory with associations, connections and memory traces.

And it is fun!

What to do:

  • Start in the middle of a blank page, writing or drawing the idea you want to start with.
  • Connect each new aspect to the centre with a line, arrow or similar.
  • Repeat the same process for connecting other ideas and possibilities, branching out as you need to.


  • You don’t need to be an artist! Use colours, drawings and symbols  so that you can be as visual as you can. Your brain LOVES images!
  • Keep the topic labels as short as possible, just a single word or a picture. Your brain will recall what that word means because the processing has already taken place.
  • Vary text size, colour, thickness and length of the lines to emphasize important points. Every little bit helps to engage your brain.

Try a mind map today.

Plan the week’s meals, what to take on holiday, what to include in a story about your childhood …..

Don’t worry too much about doing it the “right” way – just make it fun.


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