Don’t Be Fooled by the Multi-tasking Myth multitasking

Are you well-known for doing several things at once?
Are you the Multi-tasking King or Queen?

I know – it makes you feel on top of things

That you are accomplishing SO much in the minimum amount of time.

BUT. It’s. Just. an. ILLUSION.

Researchers have blown that myth sky-high!

Although you feel like you’re being productive

In fact, you’re just doing

Many. Things. POORLY.

The human brain is not built to process, record, learn or imagine many different things at once.


When you try to multi-task, you are stopping your brain from giving full attention to the task at hand.

Because the brain is still functioning at high intensity, the ILLUSION of efficiency is created.

But the TRUTH is

you are not performing the job as well as you think you are.

Not only do you perform poorly,
multi-tasking uses up valuable memory resources.

It robs you of learning and memory formation processes.

And we all NEED those to create effective memory traces.

Look after your memory!

Control the urge to multi-task.

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