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Over the break I’ve found some really interesting snippets I think you will find helpful. As more and more of our friends are troubled by memory lapses, I hope you are still doing all you can to keep YOUR brain and memory alert.

A simple, five-minute, low-impact exercise routine that will keep all of your muscles active.
All ages, all fitness levels and almost all levels of mobility can use this routine. You’ll soon learn it without looking at the drawings – you’ll want to start every day this way.
Best-ever 5-minute exercise routine

Lifelong habits of exercising regularly and staying mentally active may protect the brain from Alzheimer’s disease.
Scientists in Wales found that exercise and healthy living lifestyle changes reduced the risk of Alzheimer’s.
Read the study

Preventing Alzheimer’s
The 10 vital keys to reducing the risk factors.
How to prevent Alzheimer’s

New article now out:
Feed Your Brain Protein – the ‘Lego of Life”.
Read why protein is vital for your brain health and where you can find the best sources for your meals.
Feed your Brain Protein

Read about Gillian Eadie and Allison Lamont in NZ Listener:
Max Your Memory

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