When you look at someoneEyes

Can you tell what they are thinking?

Or feeling?


And does it matter?


Recognizing how others are reacting is the first big step in getting along with others.

And that matters, doesn’t it?

Professor Simon Baron-Cohen of The University of Cambridge, has developed a way of testing your skill in understanding what facial expressions – based on just the eyes – are telling you.

This comes via an article in The New York Times

(The average score for this exercise is 22 – 30.)

Try it out!

There is no doubt that we differ in our ability to recognize faces. That may have a lot to do with how things are going in a small brain structure called the fusiform gyrus that dwells at the bottom of each of our two temporal lobes, according to a recent Journal of Neuroscience study by Stanford neurologist Josef Parvizi, MD, PhD.  People with prosopagnosia simply cannot distinguish one face from another, although all other aspects of their vision and visual-information processing are normal.

And if you enjoyed doing this, have you exercised your short-term memory with Cat faces? (Note: This is Level 2. Try Level 1 if you haven’t done this exercise before).