Are you nearing 75 or 80? And driving?

 I did not do well in the Drs word list memory test!! (from a reader.)

Cognitive skills are critical to driving because your brain is required to process so many different pieces of information at once – what you can see and hear, emotions you are experiencing while driving, the feel you have for road surfaces, they way your car is performing, other traffic on the road ….. your working memory is in full swing.

At key ages in New Zealand, you will be completing a range of face-to-face tests at your medical centre.

Here’s how to get ready for that test.

You can practice for one of them – remembering a list of words:

This is an exercise you can practice with groups of random words at home, too. Give yourself 30 seconds to study a list of 10 or 12 words. turn over the page and see how many you can recall – write down or say out loud. Start with 6 and work up to a longer list. You will see how much you improve with practice!

p.s. On the video, you will see us referred to as the Brain and Memory Foundation – that was our full name until we were able to shorten it to Memory Foundation (and Brainfit® for Life). It is still us!


Memory-Tune-premium-memory-trainingThe Memory Tune course, written by Dr Allison Lamont and Gillian Eadie, takes you through, step-by-step, many other kinds of brain skills that will sharpen your cognition and memory skills. Thousands of people have now used this tried and tested course. It comes to you over seven weeks and is accompanied by a print version, also.

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“Thank you both so much for this course which has given me the confidence and the tools to deal with my memory problems. I now enjoy puzzles, crosswords and memory tests.. I used to avoid them like the plague. Meeting people and remembering their names is now a pleasant experience rather than a nightmare! You have shone a light at the end of what was fast becoming a very dark tunnel. Thank you.” Maria G.

Will you share your experiences with this cognition test? Your story will be helpful for others ….