How to Remember Phone Numbers.

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What’s that phone number again?
I can’t remember it!

Don’t you HATE it when your memory let’s you down?

It happens to everyone, now and again ….

But you DON’T want it to become a habit.

Watch this two-minute video.

Isn’t that amazing?
That it takes seven seconds of processing to commit something to your long-term memory.

How long did you last give to remembering a phone number, a name or where you parked the car?

Most people will say a couple of seconds at the most …. so you can see why forgetting is MUCH easier than remembering!

Is it normal to forget things?

If you’re approaching your 50’s and 60’s, yes, it’s normal.

Normal, but NOT acceptable!

There is nothing more ageing than forgetfulness.
And the loss of confidence that goes with it.

The time has come to take action today to make sure that you are not one of that growing group of people who live in a muddle of half-remembered information.

Your brain is a muscle and needs exercise,
in the same way the rest of your body does.

A lazy brain will let you down again and again.

So what can you do?

Here’s a quick, step-by-step summary to help you remember phone numbers (and other important things).
It will take you less than two minutes to master it.

Here’s the  Two-Minute Remember Phone Numbers Solution!

  1. Tom tells you the best phone number to call him on.
  2. Pay attention to the digits in the number and try to ignore all of the other things happening at the time the information is given to you. (This creates the beginnings of a memory trace and the number moves into your short-term memory.)
  3. As you repeat the number to be sure you have it accurately, take a ‘mental snapshot’ of the number and ‘see’ it on your mental whiteboard. (This is your second memory trace.)
  4. To create an even stronger memory trace, repeat the number in a rhythm or pattern, chunking the digits into smaller groups e.g. 649 528 7393.
  5. Writing it down, entering it digitally into your Contacts or phone log will all help you recall the number later. Getting organized like this is another important key to success.
  6. In a spare moment, before you need the number, recall it by mentally ‘seeing’ it, by recalling the association, rhythm or  chunking pattern you used.

Sounds simple, doesn’t it?

It is!

It is simple. AND. IT. WORKS.

It works because when you go to recall that number, you have four or more strong links to the digits. Any one of them will bring the number flooding back.

 Your #1 Enemy is Distraction.

If you don’t focus at the time you hear or see the number, your brain discards the very brief memory trace within a second or so – unless you have deliberately gone through steps 1 to 5. And so you forget!

Step 6 of the Remember Phone Numbers Solution is the bonus step for your brain. Recall and repetition are the friends of a good memory. Practise them.

Always be conscious of creating memory traces. 

  • You will remember phone numbers.
  • You will exercise, rebuild and strengthen an important part of your brain.
  • And your alert and youthful brain will impress your friends!

Let us know when you try this memory strategy. How did it work for you? And how long did it take to master? Leave a comment for us!

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Happy remembering!
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