In November, Rima Abdulwahab of Christchurch became an Accredited Brainfit® Coach.

Here Rima reflects on her course of study:

Rima-Christchurch-Brainfit-Coach“Everything was very interesting I was believing like many people that forgetfulness is part of getting old but what I studied in this course explained to me a lot of things that I did not understand. Specially neuroplasticity.

In Saudi Arabia most elderly people attend religious school for two hours five days a week to memorize Muslims holy book (Quran)and to meet their friends and enjoy their time. I was always thinking about how these people could memorize the Quran, they usually need between one to two years to memorize more than 600 pages (they keep it by heart) and my mother in law was one of them.

She started to memorize at the age of 70 and ended at the age of 72 and I always told myself that may be because older people were born and lived in quieter communities without the internet or may because of their food because they didn’t eat  – fast food like generation these days. …….but now I understand how they can did it and how astonishing our brain is.

They are challenging their brain daily by learning something new and they are reviewing their memorized passages. They stay physically active because usually they go to those schools on foot also, they interact with people daily and all these steps are very important to maintain brain health.

I think it`s good proof that healthy brain connections and neurons continue to grow right until the end of life if there is something for them to do.”

Accreditation involves an intensive course of study, a face-to-face workshop and a lively interest in working with people in the 40+ age group. Brainfit Academy directors, Dr Lamont and Gillian Eadie are delighted to have Rima available in Christchurch to conduct with Brainfit for Life® classes next year.


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