Thank you for Voting for Memory Tune!

We have recorded your Vote for Memory Tune. the 14-part memory training course written by internationally-acclaimed memory expert, Dr Allison Lamont and experienced educator, Gillian Eadie.

Price $97.00.

This Memory Tune course is clinically-trialled and the results gained have been greatly appreciated by those who have worked through the sessions.

‘Thank you both so much for this course which has given me the confidence and the tools to deal with my memory problems. I now enjoy puzzles, crosswords and memory tests.. I used to avoid them like the plague. Meeting people and remembering their names is now a pleasant experience rather than a nightmare! You have shone a light at the end of what was fast becoming a very dark tunnel. Thank you’

‘Excellent course. The course ‘normalised’ the ageing and memory lapse issues as well as giving us practical ways to improve. Since doing the course, I have pruned down my commitments and allow myself some more ‘being’ places. Thank you both.’
‘It is a great reminder of all the different types of memory and the need to improve all types of memory, not just one type of memory that you are aware of’
We send each session by email twice a week for seven weeks. You can work though it at your own pace and save the sessions for revisiting later.
NB: Memory Foundation still has a few paper versions of the course for sale, if you think a family member would prefer to see the sessions on paper.