Pushing up with your arms

One of the key functional exercises you want to make sure you can still do comfortably, is the ability to push up with your arms.

This will allow you to do everyday things:

  • pushing yourself out of a low chair or out of the car
  • shuffling yourself across a bed
  • getting off the ground.

The muscle group that is primarily responsible for these types of movement are called the triceps (found on the back of your upper arm). They jump into action any time straighten your arm.

The exercise that will keep them working well for you is called:
The Tricep Push.

Luckily you probably have all the ‘equipment’ you need to regularly do this exercise if somewhere in your house you have a chair with arms.

The Tricep Push
Sit in the chair with your hands on the arm rests. Straighten your arms so that your bottom comes off the seat of the chair.
The key:
Feel as though your arms are doing the pushing and you are NOT taking too much weight on your feet.

Try to do at least 6-10 at a time, take a break then do another set.

Needless to say the more often you do these (daily is good) –
the stronger you’ll get.


Let us know how you get on with these? Try them for a week and tell us below about any difference in your fitness you notice.


Watch out for more great exercise and lifestyle tips from Kris Tynan next month.