Meet our Wardrobe Edit competition winner, Lucie.

A wonderful few hours was spent with the competition winner Lucie, sorting through and decluttering her wardrobe with her two beautiful Burmese cats closely overseeing proceedings!

The brief was to work through her existing wardrobe and decide on what was suitable for a modern work environment and identify any gaps which needed filling, with an emphasis on upcycling and repurposing what we could.

Using my tried and tested method, we systematically worked through trousers, jeans, tops, jackets and coats, asking the all-important questions:

  • Does it fit?
  • Does it flatter?
  • What else can I wear it with?
  • Is the charity bag the best place for it?

This made it easy to ensure that the wardrobe was filled with her own lovely clothes, fitting into two categories:

Key Basics

  • Well-fitting jeans
  • White/cream shirt
  • Tailored jacket
  • Layering tops (to go under tops and dresses)
  • Versatile cardigan/jumper

Key Classics

  • Coat – Lucie has a fabulous classic trench
  • Silk scarf
  • Classic tote bag
  • Leather loafer shoes
  • Leather pumps
  • Well-cut straight leg tailored trousers

 As with most women, when we sorted through her wardrobe, Lucie already had almost all of these ‘Capsule Wardrobe’ pieces, and we had a lot of fun styling them in new ways. We put together different combinations. playing with updating & elevating these looks with chunky jewellery and my ever-favourite styling piece – the silk scarf!

I even persuaded Lucie that she needed some high heels in her wardrobe and after trying on mine (fortunately we are the same shoe size!), I’m pretty sure these will be first on her ‘must have’ list.

I left feeling sure that getting dressed for work in the mornings would be a pleasure instead of a chore, and that Lucie’s lovely clothes would now be worn with a fresh modern twist and a new lease of life.

STYLIST TIP: I scour the op-shops & charity shops for beautiful silk scarves, and rarely pay more than a few dollars.  Some spectacular bargains have been bought over the years.  Check out for modern and fashionable ways to update your look with scarves.

Lucie’s words for Iona: 

I highly recommend your service, Iona, as I  thought your advice was fabulously helpful. I loved how you were able to repurpose existing items and put them together in new ways. You were so constructive and positive and helped me to understand why as it as you told it like it was. I have been smiling whenever I see my newly organised wardrobe. Thank you so much! 

Iona-Eadie-Askew-life-coachIona Eadie-Askew
Evolve Life Coaching | Weight Loss and Wardrobe
Iona, trained in London, now lives in Auckland and has many more tips to share on her website.