No mistaking how THIS man’s feeling!

But more often than not we try to hide feelings …

It doesn’t matter what you SAY
Your body will give you away every time!

The trick of it, of course, once you know what the signs are, is to avoid the signals you DON’T want to give others and to FAKE the positive image you want (even if you are not really feeling very confident to start with).

Here are some common nonverbal tell-tales.

Avoid these:

Rubbing the eye shows doubt

Biting nails shows nervousness

Sitting with legs crossed shows boredom

Hands clasped behind back shows anger

Touching nose shows lying

Patting hair shows lack of self confidence

Arms crossed on chest shows defensiveness

Use these ones!

Brisk walk shows confidence

Open palm shows innocence

Rubbing hands show anticipation

Hands to cheek shows thinking

Tilted head shows interest

Nonverbal memory is also an important skill to practice. Try this exercise and see how well you can remember shapes.