In 2016, the oldest of the baby boomers, the generation born between 1946 and 1964, turned 70 years old. Baby_Boomers

So what’s ahead for boomers?
Until the financial crisis in past years, there had never been a better time in history to be 60. Boomers as a generation are more wealthy, living more interesting lives and have more years ahead of them to look forward to than ever before. Bill Clinton was the first baby boomer to serve as president. George W. Bush and Barack Obama are also baby boomers as is Donald Trump.

There were 74.9 million boomers in the US in 2015 and 7918 people turn 60 each day – that’s 330 each hour!

And lots of you will be called James or Mary because they were the most popular names in 1946. As I said, we are the generation that has worked hard, studied hard and made wealth for our companies and families.

So we should all be on top of the world, right?

Yes, so long as you can still remember all that way back!

The sad thing is that more and more boomers are beginning to suffer memory loss and the devastating side effects that arise from that. On an average, boomer annual health care spending will be around $3899 at 60 and that amount is rising each year. It’s estimated that there will be 57.8 million boomers living in 2030, aged between 66 and 84. What will you be doing? Will you be living active, fulfilled and interesting lives? Or will you be living in one of the 5000+ continuing care retirement facilities?

Ending up in care is currently one of the worst fears of baby boomers, who abhor the idea of losing their independence and not being able to manage their own lives. NYTimes

Without an active and alert memory, though, this will be the reality for a growing percentage of boomers. So the time to do something for your memory is now, while you still have it!

The media is full of advertisements for anti-aging serums, anti-wrinkle potions, hair loss formulae and medications to keep you young.

In reality, it is your active mind and body that determines the youthfulness of your future.

Your memory is your life – so take steps now to build memory resilience. Research shows that the brain, when stimulated, can grow in capacity and effectiveness.

Brain Fit for Life™ classes take you step-by-step through the strategies that help you remember well after the age of 50 or so. Classes are fun, you learn with others and your accredited BrainFit coaches are trained to take you from where you are now to new active habits that make sure forgotten names and details are a thing of the past. Find a BrainFit Coach near you.

Without stimulation, your brain loses size, density and forgetfulness takes over.

7DayBrainBoost_BlogImage7-Day Brain Boost Plan gives you an excellent introduction to steps you can be taking for your brain’s future, now.

For more free help and personal advice on keeping that boomer brain growing and improving your memory, please visit the Memory Foundation.