From Jeff Wells who sent us this stunning photo.

‘Here’s our tūī – a baby I photographed last summer in the karamu (Coprosma robusta) right outside my office window.  They love those berries!  (Even when they’re not really ripe).’


Here’s Jeff’s Covid Haiku:


It’s on the radio

1 pm covid numbers

Up or down, oh well…




From Mary

Seasonal changes come and go.
Spring, summer  and autumn fare.
But spare a thought for winter too.
Band-aid for hibernating bear, to rest, rejuvenate and repair.
Restorative.  Seamless.  Guiding through, to daffodils of trumpet kind and yellow hue.
Heralding new beginnings.
Wondrous and beautiful.
Just like you.




From Hugh Hickman


Some verse with wine may brew fine prose
Maybe a heady mix;
Yes! Watch what comes, my dearest friend –
You may  land in a fix:
Unspoken – safe: but spoken – well;
Who knows what might transcend:
Ripe thoughts, coarse hints, bald truths
Could all sweet  friendship end.



Sometimes the way ahead seems clear,
sometimes, though, not so much;
A step aside, a pause, a break
A gentle unseen touch
Can lift one up to newfound heights
Refresh, renew and strengthen.
May such a break do this for you
Fine times ahead to lengthen.


Such wonderful inspiration from our readers! We’d love to hear more from you. Do share in the comments below for all to enjoy.