Walking is a great exercise.walking-dog-park

What could be easier and cheaper than lacing up your shoes and stepping out the front door?

By incorporating a few extra exercises along the way, you’ll be adding value with some simple strength and balance training you don’t get with walking alone.


Try these on your next regular walk:

1. When you come to a bench do some ‘sit to stands’.Aim for 6-10 and choose to make it more difficult by your hand position.

Level 1 – hands on your thighs.
Level 2 – hands across your chest
Level 3 – hands above your head.

2. Go around to the back of the bench use it to do some ‘standing’ press ups.

Keep your body straight and don’t let your back ‘sag’.
Again aim for 6-10.

3. Find a low wall or step that you feel comfortable stepping up and down from.
Obviously the higher it is the more challenging it will be.

Aim to step up and down for 30-60 seconds.

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